Welcome residents of Winnipeg and the surrounding areas!

Your renewed interest of roof maintenance provides us at Winnipeg Superior Roofing (WSR), the support to bring you accurate and relevant roofing information. This section will contain advice to keep your roof healthy and more money in your pocket!

Fall 2018

Hello… Fall?!?

We hope everyone this fall season is keeping warm and dry so far. We'll definitely remember 2018 as the year when winter came early, too early. This wet and cold weather leaves us chilled to the bone. I hope you find yourself dry and warm within the comfort of your house, under the protection of your roof.

Ourselves? We're still out on roofs, but a week of unsafe weather can really delay a roofing project. These weather setbacks have a domino effect in our scheduling during a time when many homeowners are preparing for winter. In fact, most of the best roofing companies have already been booked until after the snow stays.

Qualities of a roofing specialist

With the battle of fall and winter being waged and the rising cost of materials, homeowners are feeling the pressure to find help for their roofs yesterday. A common question asked in roofing is "do I need to get a permit to change the shingles on my house?" The simple answer is no, you do not need a permit. The City of Winnipeg does not keep a record of any roofing projects.

The only way to ensure a documented paper trail is to hire reputable companies. While the best roofing companies are busy preparing for winter, independent contractors and pop-up businesses begin to advertise their availability and push urgency.

Look for these signs when searching for a professional and credible roofing specialist:

  1. Referrals and accreditations – Established roofing companies should have a long line of satisfied customers. Temporary pop-up businesses lack a history of work. Check out our referrals section or visit our BBB page for our own reviews.

  2. Credentials – Roofing material-supply companies host workshops twice a year to promote their products and offer training courses with certification. These courses teach roofers correct procedures to handle their materials and avoid any voided warranties by an incorrect install.

  3. Official invoices and warranty records – A record of your home improvements is valuable for your home insurance, if you sell your house. It also keeps companies like us accountable by adding to the paper trail. Make sure you’re given an official roofing warranty and any other contact information, should you run into issues or need it for future claims.

  4. Liability + insurance – The most important quality is that all work performed on your home’s premises is completed by liable workers with their own insurance. Imagine the costs of a project after a worker without a harness slips off your roof and attempts to blame you for their irresponsibility. WSR is 100% liable with insurance for your assurance.

“40 years’ experience! No extra charge for premium materials! End of the year sale!”

Be cautious of cliché slogans that sound great on the surface, but are likely attempting to lure uninformed homeowners. Check that your roofing specialist meets the criteria before choosing them, but then call us and we’ll beat their written estimate by 5%!

If you decide to gamble with a fly-by-night roofer, we recommend paying for your own materials upfront and labour upon completion. Never pay for work not completed. Be warned though, contractors can prey on opportunities like a busy seasonal schedule and cost homeowners thousands in time and materials. We've heard stories of contractors disappearing with deposits or projects that double in cost because homeowners need to hire a professional to fix an amateur's work and replace the damaged materials.

Let us help you prevent unnecessary risks, taken by homeowners trying to find a last minute roofer or with an attempt to save money. Winnipeg Superior Roofing will prioritize you for emergency repairs to prevent immediate damage. After assessing your roof, we’ll recommend either a temporary solution until spring or a winter installation.

Spring fixes and winter installs

Did you know that many roof repairs and renovations can be done safely within winter months? Contact us today for a free estimate! We can assess your roof and provide either, a temporary repair until the springtime or pricing for a winter installation. An opportunity to save costs comes with winter installations due to lower demand.

We also guarantee the lowest prices in Winnipeg by beating any competitor’s written estimate by 5% (Find out more about our discounts).

Call 204-334-ROOF(7663) or complete our online form to schedule your free estimate. We have serviced Winnipeg and its surrounding area since 2010. Our roofs are backed by a fifteen (15) year labour guarantee and manufacturer warranty while our work is credited with an A+ rating on BBB.

Summer 2018

Winnipeg’s summer roofing

Winnipeg welcomes every summer with open arms and wide eyes of anticipation. Our temperatures rise and suddenly our weather is adored by everyone. Neighbouring towns like Kenora and West Hawk swell in numbers with weekly migrations to the lake. Campgrounds sell out weeks in advance and the smell of BBQs fill our air. We also expect roofers to be out on roofs, but oddly there are many vacant days for us during the summer.

Summer slowdown

Of course, a large reason for this vacancy of work is due to the weather. The weather is so nice that time is spent enjoying it. We usually prepare for Winter when the nice weather begins to fade to Fall.

Weather reaches such extremes in Winnipeg with its humid summers. Similar to a winter's wind chill, a summer's humidex makes the heat "feel" more extreme than the actual temperature rating. A humid day of 31°C will feel like it's over 40°C while working on a roof. Installers must take more water breaks and work at a slower pace. When temperatures are above 35°C, roof work can't continue due to health risks.

This time of summer offers quicker scheduling for estimates and work. Don't get caught by the Fall rush to prepare for Winnipeg's winter, protect your roof this summer.

Summer storms

Powerful Manitoba storms test your roof's weatherproofing. High winds will knock off your home's siding, pull off roof shingles or fill your gutters with debris. Leaves and branches from nearby trees will block water from draining. Roofline gutters can become a garden for moss and types of algae. Did you know that WSR cleans and repairs gutters and downspouts? Call us at 204-334-ROOF(7663) or complete our online form to schedule your free estimate. We also repair soffit and fascia. Prevent squirrels, bees, and wasps from entering your home.

Thunderstorms can form quickly in Winnipeg and can be unpredictable at times. These storms often strike midway through an installation when much of the old roof has been removed, leaving wood exposed. Sudden storms can leave 10-15mm of precipitation within minutes, costing thousands of dollars in damages.

Our installers are trained and experienced working around thunderstorms. We prepare tarps and underlays to ensure your roof is safe during an unexpected storm. It's important that the tarp is properly attached to your home or it may instead become a funnel for rain.

We don't expect to see ice during summer, but everyone now and then hail makes its appearance. After a hail storm, take a quick look for any damage that may have occurred: dents to gutters, downspouts, and siding. WSR does not recommend you inspect your roof without proper safety training. Instead, give us a call to inspect your home's shingles, chimney, skylights, and roof vents after a storm when hail is the size of quarters or larger. Dents or chips impact the integrity of a shingle. A single damaged shingle can develop a water leak over time.

Insurance coverage

As with every season, WSR guarantees to offer the best insurance coverage for roof installations and repairs. WSR is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has serviced Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 2010. Our installers are experienced in every season and wish to assist you with your roof this summer! We adhere to all rules and guidelines recommended by the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba to ensure a safe work environment.

Recommend WSR to a friend and earn our referral bonus. It's our way to show appreciation for your support for our local business and helping us build up our reputation as your residential roofing specialists.

Call 204-334-ROOF(7663) or complete our online form to schedule your free estimate. Feel confident in choosing us for your roof work, as we back our roofs by a fifteen (15) year labour guarantee and manufacturer warranty.

Spring 2018

Spring has appeared… and so has your roof!

Winnipeggers are getting ready for the upcoming warm weather. Our days become longer, sunnier and the smell of BBQs start to fill the air. Finally, we don't need to dress for an arctic expedition to get to work.

But, our city is a little unique. Winnipeg's weather often takes two steps back for every step away from winter. We've heard forecasts of golfing by April. Yet soon reports of cold fronts and snowfall roll in and all of a sudden, we have our "second winter". This cycling of weather is stressful on a variety of infrastructure, such as our city roads. Like potholes revealed on the road from melted snow and ice.... what surprises will this season reveal on your roof?

Prepare your house for spring by making sure your roof’s in good health. Let's investigate the potential problems that may occur this season.

Spring leaks

“Wet snow”

At a quick glance, a build-up of snow on your roof stands out as a glaring cause for roof leaks. Cycling temperatures allow moisture to find its way underneath shingles. When that moisture refreezes, shingles drive upward and allow water inside your home.

More weight from moisture during winter and spring is a second concern. Damp snow from freezing rain adds considerable weight to your roof's structure. This weight overtime increases the risk for collapse.

Leftover leaves from fall clog eavestroughs if gutters are not cleaned before winter. Moisture from spring is unable to drain and instead freezes to the leaves on colder days. The added weight from ice can bend and pull eavestroughs away from your fascia board, leaving gaps along the roof line.

This season is the most important time to have snow cleared from your roof. Contact us today for a free estimate; snow clearing starts at only $50.

“The hidden reason for spring roof leaks”

Looking closer into a roof's relationship with its house, we find snow build up isn’t the primary reason for leaks during spring. The answer isn’t above your roof, but below it.

Warm moisture from inside your home rises to escape through leaks in your ducts, fixtures' connections, and loose caulking. Finally, moisture approaches your roof's vapour barrier. If not appropriately installed, moisture will escape too quickly and freeze to the roof. This continual ice build-up causes ice dams to form.

“Mysterious leaks”

One year your roof may leak, the next year that leak may appear to fix itself. This effect may be due to two factors: the amount of frost accumulated during colder temperatures and how it melts. A colder winter adds more frost. A fast spring leads to more moisture melting at once. Considering that, a fluctuating spring leads to more moisture melting and refreezing. The latter is harder to detect because stains may not appear along the inside of your walls.

Even if you don't see a leak from inside, the drip may hide in your home's insulation. That trapped moisture will weaken your roof deck, insulation and ceiling drywall. Trapped moisture can also cause hazardous molds and bacteria to form.

Proper insulation is key

“Cold snaps and cycling temperatures”

A long Winnipeg winter can reach temperatures 50 degrees Celsius colder than inside your home. During these cold days, layers of frost collects along the inside of your roof. A well-insulated vapour barrier prevents moisture from initially condensing within your roof’s attic.

“Attic inspections”

You can inspect your home for frost by shining a flashlight right from your attic hatch. Moisture is the greatest threat to a home's health. Look for water stains or detached fixtures like old exhaust fans or vents. These devices may be exhausting moisture directly into the attic without your knowledge.

Schedule a professional attic inspection with us and receive a detailed report. Call us at 204-334-ROOF(7663) or complete our online form.

Savings before summer

Enjoy a relief from winter with the warming weather and joyful song of returning birds. Feel at ease this season with a snow clearing, attic inspection, and shortened wait times.

Roof services during spring provide critical protection from the upcoming warm weather. We also offer great savings before the summer rush. 204-334-ROOF(7663) or complete our online form to schedule your free estimate. Feel confident in choosing us for your roof work, as we back our roofs by a fifteen (15) year labour guarantee and manufacturer warranty.

Winter 2017

Off-season roofing

When we think of roofing, we often picture a scene of workers sweating under the blistering sun. By contrast, many roofs are installed and repaired during the off-season with proper preparation and scheduling.

Christmas lights’ fun & safety

In a city that only has four months of real warm weather, we all must adapt to seasonal changes. Here, at WSR, we provide additional services like snow removal or Christmas light installation and removal. These cold months are brightened by festive lights which adorn your home, but they may bring danger during installation and removal. It’s important to mention that all types of roof work present a level of hazard and safety. Please practice caution while using a ladder and consider attending a ladder safety course. Avoid hazards this year by scheduling an installation with us. We have the capability to safely reach all heights of your home. We’ll decorate your home in your traditional way or ask us for a little creative flair.

Snow fall & clearing

Winnipeg has an average annual snow fall of nearly four feet. Removing excess snow from your roof is essential to prevent ventilation from becoming blocked, stress on rafters, ice dams from forming, and eaves troughs from damage. Snow becomes most dangerous when it’s wet and retains weight. The Winnipeg Fire Department reported a record high of collapsed roofs in 2016 due to heavy snow. Frost begins to accumulate when a roof vent is blocked. This blockage can affect your home in different ways: Your plumbing’s flow can be limited and may create an unpleasant odour to linger rather than vent. If your bathroom fan vents through your roof, steam from a hot shower can also add to this frost. As it gets warmer, your roof and walls begin to defrost like a freezer, soaking into insulation and drywall.

Roof repair during the off-season can in fact be very beneficial, by providing adequate ventilation needed to limit excessive heat in your attic and prevent ice dams outside. Icicles are likely to form from poor ventilation and can be quite dangerous to both you and your home. We clear icicles, then identify and fix problem areas to eliminate them from forming. Schedule your roof snow clearing with Winnipeg Superior Roofing and we’ll also clear your driveway and walkways for a one-time fee or monthly contract.

Off-season roofing myths

Did you know that your roof can be repaired even during a Winnipeg winter? A common belief is that roof work can only be performed in the hot summer months. There’s actually many benefits to off-season shingle installation. Suburban development is currently at an all-time high across Canada. Homes are constructed at all times of the year and must have shingles installed, so why not your residential roof?

Shingles can be installed at sub-zero temperatures using an alternate practice. Less air pressure is used to prevent a nail blow through. This technique requires the installer to follow up each shingle with a hammer strike to correctly sink the nail. The shingle will settle and seal on sunny days preparing your roof to be leak proof for the Spring thaw. Off-season roofing provides peace of mind for all seasons your roof will experience, over the next 40 years.

Suspect a roof leak? The consistent freezing and melting cycles from the "sometimes loveable” Winnipeg seasons can cause leaks or breaks to occur. A great amount of energy can be saved by sealing warm air in and cold air out. Roof renovation provides easy access for house renovations like insulation and ceiling drywall replacement, saving energy with more efficient materials during colder months.

Off-season savings & guarantee

Save big by having your repairs done during this off-season, especially if you live in an area like Woseley with larger roofs. A lower volume of projects during this season enables us to offer discounts of up to 20%. Call us at 204-334-ROOF(7663) or complete our online form to schedule your free estimate.

Still anxious? Off-season roofing can be a challenge without proper techniques and experience. Work conditions during the off-season can be hazardous so it is not recommended for an amateur roofer. All Winnipeg Superior Roofing employees are well-trained, experienced and covered with an insurance and liability policy. We adhere to all rules and guidelines recommended by the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba to ensure a safe work environment. Our roofs are guaranteed by a fifteen (15) year labour and manufacturer warranty.